GROWING TOGETHER TO ADVANCE GOD'S KINGDOM! Few things are more important than the well-being of your family! At FCN we want to celebrate alongside you during the joyous moments of life, and then help families through the difficulties that come. We work to equip every member of the family with solid biblical teachings to build each person's faith experience.

Spiritual growth happens when faith is cultivated through the study of God’s Word and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

FCN Ministries + Small Groups

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20


FCN KIDS consists of birth – 5th grade. A safe place that unites children with others their age and directs them to dive deep into God’s Word.  Together they discover His Truth through life applications each day!

Birth/Pre-K: 8:45am – Noon | Building 2
Elementary: 9:45am – Noon | Building 2

6:30 – 8:00 pm | Kids Gym in Building 2

INFUSE Student Ministries

INFUSE Student Ministries consists of 6th-12th grade.  Our discussions hit the issues you as teenagers face and how God relates to every aspect of our lives.  We believe God wants to raise up a generation of young people for His Kingdom!

Worship 9:00 am 0r 11:00 am
Life Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

SENIOR HIGH (9th – 12th grade)
Group Location: Building 3 Ground Level (in between the two gyms)
Group Leader: Martha Jones

JUNIOR HIGH (6th – 8th grade)
Group Location: Building 3 Room 400
Group Leader: Donna Pharies

Wednesdays: 6:30 – 8:00pm
Upstairs Building 3 in Youth Room during the school year.


Men’s Wednesday Night Bible Study

Group Time: Wednesday’s at 7:00 pm
Group Location: Building 1 Room 111/112
Group Leader: Hugh Hays with Rick Siler

Starting September 20th, men you’ll have an opportunity to go through a study called “The Measure of A Man” led by Hugh Hays each Wednesday night. This is a great class to be a part of of men any ages and stages of life. 

Men Growing Through Scripture
This is a group for men of all ages who meet on Wednesdays to dive into Scripture and study God’s Word.

Group Time: Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm
Group Location: Building 1 Room 109
Group Leader: Roy Patrick


Men’s Tuesday Night “MOV” Class:

Group Time: Tuesday’s at 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Group Location: Building 1 Room 111/112
Group Leader: Barry KiddMOV stands for “Men of Valor” It’s a men’s group fellowship with lessons to becoming better men, father’s, husbands, and friends.
How can MOV benefit men?
I have three points, yet MOV is not limited to them!

1st – The program was designed to walk men through a process that helps identify our strengths and weaknesses. It provides tools to assist men with growth in all our relationships and most importantly our relationship with God.

2nd – This class offers a safe atmosphere to be real with yourself and with God. where men can face and get in-touch with the deep issues that hinder them. It will show you that as a man your personal battles are not as rare as you might think and that you are not alone.

3rd – If you have or had addictions of any kind, past or present, this course can benefit you, through support, and encouragement. Or, if you struggle with negative behavioral patterns, just to name a few: like anger, workaholic, passiveness, impatience, self-centeredness, insecurities, questionable social skills or depression, this course will show you that change is possible. With God’s guidance and help healing of your heart and mind will begin. You will learn how to overcome fear and negativity to become the Godly men we were created to be.

Who can attend?
Anyone 18yrs old and up who wants to change and improve their walk-in life and become the men God created us to be. Trust me, you’re never too old for this!

What MOV isn’t?
It is not a Bible study group even though references to scriptures are made throughout the course, and God the Healer always shows up!
How long is the course and where and when do they meet?
At FCN every Tuesday night 7-9pm for twelve weeks beginning September 15th


FCN Women

FCN Women are ladies of all ages and all walks of life. At FCN we want to create a warm environment for true community to happen between women. With different events through out the year and weekly bible studies there is a place for YOU!

Ladies Bible Study | Wednesday’s 6:30 pm  (hospitality room Building 3)

Every Wednesday we offer a bible study for ladies of all ages and any walk of life. This is a great time to come together in community of women who want to grow in His truth and love all while making a new friend along the way.

The group meets year round and will be diving into different study’s along the way. Contact Heather Scivally to find out what the current study is – but know you are always able to jump in at any time. You are welcome here!

Young Mom’s Bible Study | Wednesday’s 7:00-8:00 pm  (The Parlor Room 224 Building 2) 

This bible study is for young mothers to help build deeper relationships, find yourself in a new way, encounter a true relationship with Jesus, surrendering and find rest.

ABIDE Women’s Conference – This September 22-23rd Register online here!

College + Young Adults

Casual yet an active mix of college and career-minded young adults learning about Christ and our place in the Kingdom and at FCN.

Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Group Location: Building 1 Room 106

Group Leader: Jessica + Jordan Moore

Young Families

This life group is a growing community of families, with or without kids, that come together for a time of fellowship and learning amongst new friends. Ages range from early 20’s to mid 40’s.

Theres always a new study going on so join anytime and the group loves to spend time getting to know each other over breakfast every now and then!

Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Group Location: Building 1 Room 108

Group Leader: Ryan + Lindsay Rodriquez


Coming together as couples and families as we ask the tough questions and seek God’s truth for our daily life.

Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Group Location: Building 1 Hospitality Room 102

Group Leader: Stephen Book + Kevin Hart

Come As You Are Bible Study

This is a Life Group that meets every Sunday with people, couples and families of all ages and all walks of life. During this time you are encouraged to come, simply as you are and together we will grow in Christ!

Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Group Location: Building 3 Room 402

Group Leader: Tami + Mark Meador


A dynamic mix of loving, caring group ranging in age from early ’40s to late ’70s…lessons in fresh and innovative ways which lead to a lively discussion as we have lots of fun delving deeper into God’s Holy Word.

Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Group Location: Building 2 Room 224

Group Leader: Tom Crutchfield

Ages + Stages

A fun-loving mixture of ages ranging from 40-85. We have a great time together as we read, study & discuss God’s Word. Whatever age or stage of life you are in, you’ll be comfortable and feel right at home in our class.

Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Group Location: Building 1 Room 110/111

Group Leader: Patsy Sedberry


Ages 60 and above, but all ages are welcome and encouraged to check out this class.  Focused on Biblically-based lesson content related to contemporary times, issues, and concerns.

Group Time: Sunday’s at 10:00 am

Group Location: Building 1 Room 109

Group Leader: Doug Karr


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